Pins from Vallager, Shahin, and Coley Contribute to Spuds Win Over Spartans

      The Spud Varsity Line-Up returned this week with a home dual against Fargo North High School. Moorhead won 9 out of 14 matches headlined by three pins. Sophomore Colton Vallager earned the first fall for the spuds, with a :23 second match at the 120lb weight class. Senior Arzheen Shahin had the second pin of the evening with a first period fall of his own. And senior heavyweight, Jaydon Coley closed the night out with a fall of his own, :35 seconds into the second period.

      7th Grader, Dane Ellingsberg started the dual out. Dane fell to a 7-0 deficit early in the 2nd period but continued to pick away at the lead. Dane finished the match with a 1 point lead, when the Fargo North wrestler was deemed unable to finish the match because of injury default. 

     Zack Fankhanel, a 9th grader, was the only other live match win for the Spuds, with a 16-0 technical fall. 8th grader Nolan Giddinds, 9th grader David Krabbenhoft, junior Ashtan Larry, and senior Jackson Gotta all took forfeits to add 6 points each to the team score. 

       On the JV side of things, the Spuds were led by junior Ian Mohler who had 2 pins in 2 matches. Also winning junior varsity matches for the Spuds were junior Jeremy Murray, 8th grader Will Borud, 9th grader Bridger Mongeau, and junior Binyad Brifki. 

      Moorhead is back in action Friday, January 29th when Buffalo and Bemidji come to Moorhead for a triangular.   


                     Final Score- Moorhead 53- Fargo North 28

106- Dane Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Unknown (Inj. [time])

113- Nolan Giddings (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

120- Colton Vallager (Moorhead) over Jace Varriano (Fargo North) (Fall 0:31)

126-  Augustus Maughan (Fargo North) over Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead) (Fall 3:04)

132- Danny Monatukwa (Fargo North) over Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Fall 1:35)

138- Arzheen Shahin (Moorhead) over Henry Maughan (Fargo North) (Fall 0:59)

145- Chase Hansen (Fargo North) over Will Borud (Moorhead) (TF 17-2 2:59)

152-  Zach Fankhanel (Moorhead) over Harper Schultz (Fargo North) (TF 17-0 5:19)

160-  Joshua Worral (Fargo North) over Abraham Dimo (Moorhead) (TF 18-1 3:15)

170-  William Ward (Fargo North) over Jack Olstad (Moorhead) (Fall 2:31)

182- David Krabbenhoft (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

195- Ashtan Larry (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

220- Jackson Gotta (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

285- Jaydon Coley (Moorhead) over Mike Jones (Fargo North) (Fall 2:54)

Moorhead wins 1 and loses 1 in Osseo

The Spuds wrestled on Saturday January 16th at Osseo High School against Osseo and Park Center. Moorhead would go on to to win against Park Center and lose to Osseo. 

      The day was headlined by 3 major milestones. Senior captain, Jack Newcomb went 2-0 on the day and pinned the incoming number 9 ranked wrestler from Park Center as well as winning his second match with Osseo. As well as the "upset" 8th grader Nolan Giddings and junior Ashtan Larry got their first career varsity wins at the 113lb and 195lb weight classes. Larry went 2-0 on the day where he also received a forfeit.

       Many Spuds saw success throughout the long day which started with a 5:30 am weigh in and bus ride. 9th grader Lee Ellingsberg went undefeated with a forfeit and a pin. Junior Evan Fankhanel also went 2-0 with a pin of his own. 

      7th grader Dane Ellingsberg, senior Arzheen Shahin, and 8th grader Will Borud all went 1-1 on the day. The Spuds did a great job of wrestling full matches and not giving up free points. 

     On the JV side of things, freshman Moayad Abdi led the way with 2 wins, while senior Jaydon Coley, juniors AJ Dimo and Jeremy Murray sophomores Jayce Fritel and Hudson Hall, freshman David Krabbenhoft and 8th graders Jack Olstad and Michael Jenkins all earned wins for the Spuds!

      The Spuds continue their busy schedule when Frazee and West Fargo Sheyenne come to Moorhead on Tuesday, January 19th. Then the Spuds travel to West Fargo High School to take on West Fargo and Lake Park-Audubon.

                     Final Score- Moorhead 41- Park Center 29

106-  Dane Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

113- Steven Dolomengi (Park Center) over Nolan Giddings (Moorhead) (MD 18-6)

120- Double Forfeit

126-  Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

132- Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) over Rodiat Adeduntan (Park Center) (Fall 0:40)

138- Arzheen Shahin (Moorhead) over Samson Oyedokun (Park Center) (TF 18-1 0:00)

145- Will Borud (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

152-  Jason Somers (Park Center) over Bridger Mongeau (Moorhead) (Fall 4:40)

160- Victor Perez-Meza (Park Center) over Zach Fankhanel (Moorhead) (MD 9-0)

170-  DeCarlon Henderson (Park Center) over Haakon Peterson (Moorhead) (Dec 4-2)

182- Jack Newcomb (Moorhead) over Ismael Kante (Park Center) (Fall 1:44)

195- Ashtan Larry (Moorhead) over Unknown (For.)

220- Kellen Kopp (Park Center) over Jack Greelis (Moorhead) (Fall 1:30)

285- Sam Paye (Park Center) over Zion Dyer (Moorhead) (Fall 1:43)

                     Final Score- Osseo 50- Moorhead 25

106-  Jameson Kulseth (Osseo) over Dane Ellingsberg (Moorhead) (TF 16-0 5:24)

113- Nolan Giddings (Moorhead) over Damante Williams (Osseo) (Fall 2:33)

120- Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Alexander True (Osseo) (Fall 1:08)

126-  Connor Spanier (Osseo) over Unknown (For.)

132- Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) over Peter Hollingshead (Osseo) (MD 16-3)

138- John Lundstrom (Osseo) over Arzheen Shahin (Moorhead) (Dec 4-0)

145- Dylan Jackson (Osseo) over Will Borud (Moorhead) (Fall 1:47)

152-  Dylan Schultz (Osseo) over Bridger Mongeau (Moorhead) (Fall 0:17)

160-  Caidon Williams (Osseo) over Zach Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Fall 4:39)

170-  Thomas Cornell (Osseo) over Jack Olstad (Moorhead) (Fall 0:47)

182- Jack Newcomb (Moorhead) over Aidan Wayne (Osseo) (Dec 13-9)

195- Ashtan Larry (Moorhead) over Julian Flores (Osseo) (Fall 4:15)

220- Jacob Meissner (Osseo) over Jack Greelis (Moorhead) (Fall 1:34)

285-  Jagger Schack (Osseo) over Jaydon Coley (Moorhead) (Fall 1:05)

Spuds Debut Eight Wrestlers in Home Opener

The Moorhead Spuds opened up their season, hosting a triangular against Detroit Lakes, and Fargo Davies. The Spuds wrestled both teams last night and had 8 different wrestlers begin their varsity careers. 7th Grader Dane Ellingsberg won the very first match of the night with a come from behind victory at the 106lb weight class. Dane finished 1-1 on the evening. 

     At 113lbs, 8th grader  Nolan Giddings was the next man up for the Spuds and impressed coaches with his refusal to give up. He finished 0-2 on the evening but stood out for some of the good things he did. 

   Also, debuting in varsity action were sophomore Colton Vallager, 8th grader Will Borud, 9th grader Bridger Mongeau, junior Ashtan Larry, senior Jack Greelis, and junior Zion Dyer. All of the varsity newcomers showed positive things on the mat to build off of in upcoming events.

     As well as the newcomers, the Spuds also returned 6 wrestlers; freshman Lee Ellingsberg, junior Evan Fankhanel, senior Arzheen Shahin, freshman Zack Fankhanel, senior Haakon Peterson, and senior Jack Newcomb. 

    The Spud Junior Varsity wrestled on a separate mat at the same time as the varsity. Spud JV wrestlers earning victories during their first night of wrestling were; Michael Jenkins (8th), Jack Olstad (8th), and Jaydon Coley (12th).

       The Spuds are back in action Saturday, January 16th when Moorhead goes on the Road to Osseo High School for a triangular against Osseo and Park Center. 


                        Final Score- Detroit Lakes 59- Moorhead 9

106- Dane Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Garett Nelson (Detroit Lakes) (Dec 8-6)

113- Izaiah Vargas (Detroit Lakes) over Nolan Giddings (Moorhead) (MD 11-2)

120- LeRoy LaCrosse (Detroit Lakes) over Colton Vallager (Moorhead) (Fall 2:54)

126- Tyson Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) over Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead) (Fall 1:52)

132- Carsen Wold (Detroit Lakes) over Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Dec 8-7)

138- Bradly Swiers (Detroit Lakes) over Arzheen Shahin (Moorhead) (Dec 8-2)

145- Cade Jackson (Detroit Lakes) over Will Borud (Moorhead) (Fall 0:46)

152- Brody Ullyott (Detroit Lakes) over Bridger Mongeau (Moorhead) (Fall 1:26)

160- Zach Fankhanel (Moorhead) over Garett Nelson (Detroit Lakes) (Fall 2:00)

170- Thad Schlauderaff (Detroit Lakes) over Haakon Peterson (Moorhead) (Dec 13-10

182- Blaine Henderson (Detroit Lakes) over Jack Newcomb (Moorhead) (MD 16-2)

195- Hunter Jorgenson (Detroit Lakes) over Ashtan Larry (Moorhead) (Fall 1:50)

220- Jeffery Moen (Detroit Lakes) over Jack Greelis (Moorhead) (Fall 1:23)

285- Michael Friendshuh (Detroit Lakes) over Zion Dyer (Moorhead) (Fall 5:31)

                           Final Score- Fargo Davies 51- Moorhead 19

106Abdi Nuur (Fargo Davies) over Dane Ellingsberg (Moorhead) (Dec 10-3)

113Wyatt Kosidowski (Fargo Davies) over Nolan Giddings (Moorhead) (Fall 1:43)

120Sajan Gurung (Fargo Davies) over Colton Vallager (Moorhead) (Fall 2:35)

126Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead) over Liam Wicklow (Fargo Davies) (Dec 6-0)

132Evan Fankhanel (Moorhead) over Skylar Oster (Fargo Davies) (TF 21-5 4:28)

138Arzheen Shahin (Moorhead) over Malachi Werremeyer (Fargo Davies) (Fall 4:00)

145Sawyer Frie (Fargo Davies) over Will Borud (Moorhead) (Fall 0:23)

152- Ryan Barth (Fargo Davies) over Bridger Mongeau (Moorhead) (Fall 0:13)

160Kenneth Hanson (Fargo Davies) over Zach Fankhanel (Moorhead) (Dec 9-6)

170Landon Allex (Fargo Davies) over Haakon Peterson (Moorhead) (Dec 6-3)

182- Jack Newcomb (Moorhead) over Abdul Muhaimn Al-Janabi (Fargo Davies) (MD 14-4)

195Rylen Reid (Fargo Davies) over Ashtan Larry (Moorhead) (Fall 1:23)

220Truman Werremeyer (Fargo Davies) over Jack Greelis (Moorhead) (Fall 2:00)

285Dylan Carlquist (Fargo Davies) over Zion Dyer (Moorhead) (Fall 1:16)

Spud Season Up and Running

The 2020-2021 Spud Wrestling Season is upon us as the Spuds prepare for an unknown season filled with duals, triangulars, and many question marks headlined by COVID-19. The Spuds are almost one week into their first week of pratice and look to compete against anybody who show up on the other side of the mat. 

As the Spuds prepare, to go into battle January 14th against Detroit Lakes and Fargo Davies, the projected starting line-up begins to form.

To start out the Spud line-up at 106lbs appears to be lone qualifying wrestler, 8th grade Michael Jenkins, with hopes of 7th grader Dane Ellingsberg putting on some weight and competing for the position. 

113lbs seems to be a little more competitive with sophomores Colton Vallager and Nicholai Smith available at the weight. As well as the sophomores, 8th grader Nolan Giddings will look to work his way into the rotation. 


8th grader Landon Fees, will take reps as a possible 120lb varsity wrestler, while freshman Lee Ellingsberg, and junior Jeremy Murray will compete for the spot at 126lbs.


Returning state qualifier and junior captain Evan Fankhanel holds down the 132lb spot as our first competition approaches. He will be backed up by freshman Bridger Mongeau who will be a swing 132lb/138lb wrestler and will definitely work his way into the mix. Bridger will also be competing with Senior Arzheen Shahin, and 8th grader Will Borud for the 138lb slot. 


Juniors A.J. and Ian Mohler will both have a chance to return to the line-up at the 145lb weight class. And Zack Fankhanel, a freshman, apears to be slated in as the 152lb starter for the Spuds. Also competing at 152lbs is 8th grader Heaton Hall. 


 8th grader Jack Olstad, is the lone 160lb wrestler at this point and 170lbs will be filled by returning starter and senior Haakon Peterson. Also wrestling 170lbs are sophomore Hudson Hall and newcomer and junior for Moorhead Kole Burns. 


The 182lb weight class returns senior captain, Jack Newcomb as the projected starter, as well as freshman David Krabbenhoft, and junior Ashtan Larry. All three 182lb wrestlers are projected to have a varsity role as they will split time at 182lbs and bumping up to 195. 


220lbs is the deepest weight for the Spuds. They return a top 4 2020 placer at sections in Jackson Gotta who looks to continue off of his late season success. Backing up Jackson, are senior Jack Greelis, sophomore Jayce Fritel, and sophomore Moayad Abdi. 


The Spuds return three very reliable wrestlers at 285lbs in the form of seniors Jaydon Coley, and Cristian Vega, and junior Zion Dyer. The three of them look to push each other and see growing success. 


Though no starting position is solidified, the Spud Coaching Staff is very excited about the wrestlers in the room and is very optimistic about the upcoming season.